Stained Glass Courses, Fused Glass courses and more

It’s not easy running your own business as anyone who does so will tell you. Add in 2 children, a dog, 2 cats and 3 guinea pigs and a husband who often works nights and it all gets a bit hectic around here. Meals are a bonus!
However I like to think have achieved a lot in the last couple of weeks. Christmas stock making is in full swing so the kiln is on every night (yes I said the C word) and I have been working hard on getting commissions made and installed and have 16 on the job board to finish this year. I’ll be working nights then.
But that’s not the end of it….. 
I love teaching and my courses are not only great fun but are providing me with an ever growing family of fellow glass enthusiasts with whom I can share my passion and skills. I am delighted that so many come back again and again to create beautiful things in glass and so pleased that their skills so obviously improve with each visit. Below is just a small selction of some of my students work, some have been before, some complete beginners and all are great at creating lovely original work in glass! 

Roll on the rest of 2011 courses and 2012 is just around the corner!