The Magic Carpet

My customers have a dining room window which looks over next doors gable end wall! A useful window for letting in a little light but not too inspiring a view. They asked if I could come up with a plan to make an interesting feature window. Having seen around their home and taken note of the kind of things they liked I came up with idea of a Magic Carpet.

The window took a long time to make as nearly every piece of glass has a pattern or some texture painted and fired on. The flashed ruby glass (clear glass with a thin layer of ruby ‘flashed’ over) has been sandblasted and then painted and silver stained. As has the flashed orange glass.

There is a rich amber streaky in the centre and a deep jewel in the centre. The flowers and patterns have all be hand painted and fired in the kiln and the leaves are also sandblasted and painted.

The window is now in pride of place with the addition of some LED lighting behind so that at night the panel can still be viewed and adds a real warmth to the dining room.