Stained Glass Knight

This little panel may be small but is packed with highly painted detail! The customers house dates back to 1600 so this panel sits very well by the front door.

The original sketch was drawn by my friend Di at I then cartooned a portion of it so that Norman could see how we wanted it painted. Norman worked his magic with the painting. It was a challenge even for him as there are multi layers of fired in enamels and the ruby enamel on his robe is especially hard to control. However the end result is stunning!

I cut the panel in mouth blown antique glass made by Lamberts as this is just the most beautiful glass in the world. The ruby border is cut in a St Just flashed glass. That is a glass which is clear but then has a thin film of ruby glass ‘flashed’ over it. The result is a glass that can be acid etched if required to reveal the white/clear or, as in this case, can be used for its beautiful blends of colour the ruby fading and darkening within the sheet. Truly beautiful glass too.

Look at the detail of the flowers at the Knights elbow!