Roof Light

Resin Bonded Roof Light, Worplesdon, Surrey.

This roof light was made by bonding pieces of glass onto a single sheet of 6 mm toughened glass with a 2 part resin especially formulated for this type of application.

The glass has to be very precisely cut because as there is no room for error when we don’t have leads to cover even the slightest of shells on the edges.

In consultation with the client I discovered that she is fond of mosaic and the colour blue. I designed this scheme especially for her incorporating prisms and bevels. It appeals to my love of patchwork in glass and I adore the light that glass bevels and prisms bounce about the room. There are also pieces of my hand decorated acid etched glass in this window.

This roof light is situated in a new opening that was made in the ceiling on the clients landing and fills the space below with light.