Pool Panels

These are 3 stained glass windows, encapsulated into sealed units for safety, and set into light boxes in the wall of a private swimming pool in Oxfordshire. Each one 1800mm x 700mm.

Every panel relates to the next, the Sun panel is set in Spring, bright greens light colours which move slowly into Summer with fields of wheat and barley, mown hay and wild flowers. This turns into the Tree in Autumn and the Earth panel which also shows a pool and rushes before gently turning into the Moon and Winter.

The 2 outer stained glass windows are divided with waves which divide the panel using the Fibonacci sequence of proportions. There is lots of painting and fusing detail within these windows. The Earth itself had 7 firings each lasting 14 hours. There are many subtle plant forms depicted within the glass evoking the land around my customers farm and depicting some of the crops grown there. This project has been an amazing opportunity for me and my customers comments ‘ We are just delighted with the panels – they are stunning and truly unique. Thank you”

Some of these pictures were taken here in the workshop so show the wooden supports behind.