Leaf and Branch

Leaf and Branch Leaded Light Transom Panel, Surrey.

These customers knew they wanted a branch with some leaves depicted in their leaded light but were not sure how. We produced a watercolour design and sent that along to them with some glass samples.

This was a delightful window to make as it was what we call “Artistic Cutting”. That is, we draw the cutline onto the window of the workshop. Then carefully choose the glass as we go. Holding each new piece up to the next to ensure the overall quality and harmony of the work. Rich textured streaky glasses were used for the leaves and a free swirling ‘Baroque’ glass for the background. Giving the effect of swirling wind. Our customers wanted to fit the windows themselves and save a few quid as it was pretty straight forward.

And what did our customer think; ”Just a quick email to say a huge thank you from both of us for all your efforts in creating a beautiful piece which has far surpassed both of our expectations! The window looks absolutely stunning and in the hour that it took me to fit it at least 6 people walked past and said just how beautiful the glass looks! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and thanks once again for making our dream come true!”