Free Flowing Flowers

Free Flowing Flowers Leaded Light.

Each project is different and that is what I love about my job! My initial visit to see the customer was a relaxed chatty time and I took along lots of books and inspiration for her to browse through. The window in question is a large arched panel on the stairs. It had stick on diamond leads in at the time and was not looking too great!

The sun comes through this window all day as its south facing and with the glass that was there already there was a terrific glare which my customer wanted to loose. So, our window had to have another function and to cut out the glare.

Having decided on a free flowing floral theme I set about designing. I did give my client two options at this stage. She loved one of them and so we chose the glass. When the window was cut my client came over to the studio and checked the glass, just to make sure she still liked it. She did thankfully and so I leaded the panel together. It is in one piece which is too big for a single glazed leaded panel but this one has been encapsulated into a sealed unit, with 4mm toughened on either side of the stained glass.

I popped over one week to take a picture, unfortunately it was a really dull day and the heavens opened just as I got there but she assured me that it does stop the glare brilliantly!