English Landscape

English Landscape in Glass, Berkshire.

This window is between a garden room and the hall of a lovely property in Berkshire. The design brings a lovely English oak tree into the foreground and then looking into the distance towards lowland hills and a lake. There is a really rich mixture of different glasses in this window. Sparkling textured glass to evoke fields of mustard and streaky glasses to suggest ploughed fields and meadows. There are pine trees and elms depicted along with a few poplar trees. The sky is peppered with little jewels which will catch the light and send rainbows around the hall when the sun hits them. Throughout the design and manufacture of the window the customer was fully involved and included and then finally when all the glass was cut, they visited one last time to make sure all was as they expected and to change a few pieces of glass to their liking. All in all it was a lovely project to work on.