Encapsulated Transom

Encapsulated Transoms, Epsom.

This client has two wonderful bay windows, each one sporting fine traditional leaded light transom panels. A well known UPVC window manufacturer was commissioned to replace all the windows as the frames were literally falling out! The client wanted to retain the beauty and authenticity of the leaded panels without having the dreaded stick on leads and resin, (which I don’t do by the way!)

They called on us to remake all the panels, which were also falling apart, and to adapt them to fit into new sealed units. This meant moving the design up from the bottom so that it could still be easily seen in the units. We then made all the panels using all the original glass, replacing broken pieces with glass of the closest possible match and new lead.

The new leaded panes were then made up into 24mm sealed units comprising of 4mm toughened glass on each side with our leaded panel in the centre.

John visited the site and fitted all 14 panels into the new openings. They look beautiful and so much better than the alternative, stick on leads.

The before and after pictures say it all.