Contemporary Leaded Glass

Two new 6 metre long windows for St Michaels RC Church Leatherhead, Surrey.

In 1988 I was working at Goddard and Gibbs Studios in Shoreditch, East London. We were commissioned to make the glass above the altar in this church. I would love to say that I remember the project really well but sadly, I don’t! However I was totally thrilled when I was asked to create the glass on either side. This was actually a lot more tricky than I had anticipated. I had to match colours from 30 years go without removing the existing. I designed the side panels so that they would look as if they had always been the intention of the original artist but adding in my own creativity with the colour blending. This did keep me awake at night, I fussed over the minute shades between glasses. The beauty of this glass is that one edge of the sheet may be darker than the other so I was able to use this to my advantage. The glass is all mouth blown and made in Germany by a company called Lamberts. It is the very best glass that is made and is totally stunning to see and to use.

I now have two more projects for this church. Two windows for the Lady Chapel to be made and completed by July 2017.