Christmas Fairs and Birthdays

I had a year off last year! Not the whole year you understand, just from ‘doing’ Christmas Fairs. I use them as a way of advertising my work and I need to have stuff to sell so it’s a great opportunity for me to break out of the architectural stained glass mould and burst into making kiln load after kiln load of little pocket sized glassy gifts. Yesterday was day one of Petworth House Christmas Fair, Sussex. I’m off in an hour for day 2. I’m glad I made loads of £3 stars ‘cos it means that most of you can afford a little bit of glassy sparkle in your houses this Christmas. It’s a tough economy out there, no mistake, but through everyones generosity and gift buying fun I took the same yesterday as I did 2 years ago.
It was FANTASTIC to see so many of my students visit me yesterday and Im really looking forward to today. And of course my glass wreaths sold very well!

Oh yes this is not just any cake! This is a 50’th Birthday cake carefully crafted by my lovely sister, Helen, and it’s being carefully consumed by me!
See you at Petworth today!