Been away

This Blogging lark has got me mystified. Could this be the reason I am so terrible at keeping up with it? This is my first Blog in a year! Who is really interested? Unless I can write something of real merit with meaty long, high falootin words (not sure if High Falootin is spelt this way at all and my spell check thinks it should be High Fallopian, that may be better!) You may be able to put me right, however I digress.
Blogging, who cares?? Well, I suppose if I had more time I might like to use my Blog as a way of passing on my skills and tips about stained glass. Goodness only knows, I have a million pictures and notes and jotted things that might be of interest to someone. But I think I may try a different tack this year and use it as a sketch book for me! Not care if anyone else is watching, add notes, pictures and links I think might be of interest to me in the future. They will be dated and numbered and it may turn out to be a diary of a stained glass artist. So forthwith as of tomorrow I am writing a Diary of a Stained Glass Artist in the 21st Century

If I remember………

oh and by the way…. I love it when Autumn is just popping up …

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  1. Angela
    Angela says:

    Well, certainly hope that you do get time to keep up Amanda. Confess that I often read peoples blogs but don't comment, so this is just letting you know that they do get read – and I look forward to seeing your entries.
    Best wishes Angela

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