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Life Saving Light?

Chartres, France They were designed as windows unto the heavens adorned with images of the afterlife and the myths and stories of the Christian faith.  However medieval designers of stained glass windows did not realise they also had equipped their houses of worship with a high tech air filtering system.  It seems that it’s not […]

A Very Potted History of Stained Glass

I used to have this history page on my website but thats so full of ‘stuff’ now that I had to move it. It’s back here with a few updates! Stained glass is unique in the world of art in that it is the only medium to fully exploit the relationship between glass and light. Light […]

Repairing our little gems of Domestic Stained Glass

Stained glass is the term usually used to describe highly elaborate painted church windows and domestic leaded glass is generally called leaded light. However now there are occasions when stained glass is used to great effect within a domestic setting.  In 1840 the Gothic Revival was just beginning with renewed interest in all things Medieval. […]

Books, do we really need them?

The children’s Summer holiday is a fantastic time to have a good clear out of the workshop, done! Fewer distractions as so many people are away. So now I have more space, yippee. New book shelves are already groaning under the weight of my books on glass. I have to admit that I am a […]

Playing with Glass!

It never ceases to amaze me how different 3 pieces of leaded glass can be! All made within inches of each other (well the workshop is certainly not palatial!) Friday 3rd September saw the first of my autumn stained glass courses followed by another on Saturday. I teach 3 student at a time on the […]

To Flow or Not to Flow?

Now heres the question…. I am often asked glassy questions, most of which I can have a stab at and reply with a good informed answer. However occasionally I am asked a question, the question, the one I have been asked on many occasions over the last 20 years. “Why is some glass thicker at […]