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This month I’m chuffed to be Kirstie Allsopps number 1 craft course in the country! Bless her cotton socks!  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/lifestyle/9617357/Kirstie-Allsopp-on-the-best-craft-courses.html

Welcome to a foggy Tuesday 23rd October!  Can anyone help?? I’m looking for a supplier of cool looking inexpensive gift boxes, white flat ones i.e. no deeper than 10cm. I have a variety of sizes I’m looking for 200mm x 200mm 120mm x 120mm 90mm x 90mm 150mm x 150mm Any suggestions will be gratefully […]

 Creative Mind  I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. When I landed on my career as a stained glass artist in 1986, I quickly learned that I had found my niche, my raison d’être as we say in English. It all fell into place. The tools that feel clumsy and unyielding in […]


As you may or may not know I have been designing and making bespoke stained glass and fused glass for over a quarter of a century! I love it now as much as ever if not more and throughly enjoy both the commissioning process and taking my courses. This is giving me a wonderful ‘family’ […]

Christmas Fairs and Birthdays

I had a year off last year! Not the whole year you understand, just from ‘doing’ Christmas Fairs. I use them as a way of advertising my work and I need to have stuff to sell so it’s a great opportunity for me to break out of the architectural stained glass mould and burst into […]

1 Guinea Pig Left

What a sad week, we are now down to 1 little piggy. Wilbur was the first to go followed by his hutch mate Kevin who we think died of a broken heart. Gone to join Skye the first Collie Dog and Indie the first cat in the garden! Bingo, bulging eyes and all is still […]