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Rambling Rector Stained Glass Window

I loved making this stained glass window. In the depths of the chilly early part of 2021, we were still locked in and couldn’t go anywhere or see anyone. I cut and painted every rose and used mouth blown antique stained glass. I used silver stain for the stamens. By the time I completed the […]


At this time of year, more so than at others, our gaze is drawn to the wonderful colours of the changing trees. Here in The Surrey Hills http://www.surreyhills.org we are so luck to live within the most wooded county in England. Trees as far as the eye can see. As a stained glass artists I am often […]

Last month I was asked by Velux, The Daylight Project, to write a small article on how light affects my work. In amongst all the information I was conveying, I failed to add that as the days get longer so my energy levels rise! Spring has well and truly sprung and here in The Surrey […]

Take Time to Smell the Flowers

A bit of a sad reflective Blog today. A few weeks ago one of my close friends died suddenly. We hadn’t seen him for about a year but still think of him and his wife as close and dearly loved friends. He was born in the same year as me and so it focusses the […]

Another job worth doing!

I am so happy today following one of the loveliest testimonials I have received in a long time. My customer was a pleasure to work with (no I’m not just saying that ) Her clear understanding of the craft, the glass and its properties, made it an easy job for me. We spent hours choosing […]