Another job worth doing!

I am so happy today following one of the loveliest testimonials I have received in a long time.
My customer was a pleasure to work with (no I’m not just saying that ) Her clear understanding of the craft, the glass and its properties, made it an easy job for me. We spent hours choosing glass colours to suit her decor and taste. This was all to enhance the light from the side alley which the window is hiding. made a wonderful frame for the window which really make it look like a special piece of glass art. 
Here the testimonial!

Dear Amanda,

Thank you for your lovely email and yes I enjoyed doing this ‘project’ with you.  For me it is a dream come true.  Every morning I wake up and have a quick look at my beautiful window before my day starts.  It looks magnificent in the day with the light shining through. I have to make a plan to organise a light behind it for the evenings.  I LOVE IT.  Thank you for my beautiful piece of art!
Hope we bump into each other again some time.
And heres the window
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  1. Alison Cross
    Alison Cross says:

    Amanda – thanks for swinging by my blog – you should have said that you had a blog too, so that I could come and see it. Blinkin' heck – you're good! I'm just a beginner – totally appreciated your advice regarding the lead protection!! Have now got little spare pieces in place. I'll be back to your blog for further inspiration 😀

    Alison (Hestia's Larder)

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