Take Time to Smell the Flowers

A bit of a sad reflective Blog today. A few weeks ago one of my close friends died suddenly. We hadn’t seen him for about a year but still think of him and his wife as close and dearly loved friends.
He was born in the same year as me and so it focusses the mind somewhat when this happens. I have never seen a church so full as was the one for his memorial service. So well loved was he.
 I don’t normally Blog about personal issues as lets face it no one is THAT interested! However this event has made me take stock. 

I am a very busy stained glass artist working hard to make a living and keep the roof over our heads and food on the table. This has never been a highly paid profession and still remains very hard work, as are all crafts if you do them properly.
But, I have decided:-when my daughters come home from school and want my time , they will have it. 
When my husband wants a cuppa and a chat, he will have it.
When Floss looks lovingly at me and says she needs another walk, she will have it. 
When I spot a day out, a visit that just has to be done, I will do it. 

I will drink the tea and chat to my friends. I will make time because that is the one thing we don’t have too much of.

So if you are waiting for a commission, a design or an appointment please bear with me, it will happen. I love my job and am totally committed to making your windows the best and most beautiful they can be but we all need moments to recharge and we all need to take time to smell the flowers.

Another job worth doing!

I am so happy today following one of the loveliest testimonials I have received in a long time.
My customer was a pleasure to work with (no I’m not just saying that ) Her clear understanding of the craft, the glass and its properties, made it an easy job for me. We spent hours choosing glass colours to suit her decor and taste. This was all to enhance the light from the side alley which the window is hiding. https://www.facebook.com/bordoliandkelting made a wonderful frame for the window which really make it look like a special piece of glass art. 
Here the testimonial!

Dear Amanda,

Thank you for your lovely email and yes I enjoyed doing this ‘project’ with you.  For me it is a dream come true.  Every morning I wake up and have a quick look at my beautiful window before my day starts.  It looks magnificent in the day with the light shining through. I have to make a plan to organise a light behind it for the evenings.  I LOVE IT.  Thank you for my beautiful piece of art!
Hope we bump into each other again some time.
And heres the window