1 Guinea Pig Left

What a sad week, we are now down to 1 little piggy. Wilbur was the first to go followed by his hutch mate Kevin who we think died of a broken heart. Gone to join Skye the first Collie Dog and Indie the first cat in the garden! Bingo, bulging eyes and all is still going. Ahh the joys of Guinea pig ownership……

On a happier note, Christmas is coming, remember this weather? 

Lets cosy up,light the fires and celebrate all things winter. Chocolate, roasted root veggies, scarves, mittens, mulled wine and spices. My children remarked that my workshop smelled of Christmas today ‘cos the kiln was on full blast and stuff is happening a plenty! I’m allowing myself to get just a bit excited, despite the sad demise of Guinea pigs.